OZ Biography

2 April 1966
Birth of Olivier Zappelli in Lausanne, Switzerland

Study in St-Michael college, Fribourg, Switzerland

Study in Sion fine arts school, Switzerland

1985 - 1988
Study in Maximilien de Meuron Art Academy, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Stay in Haïti, where he studies woodoo religion and its rituals. Discovery of the naïve and fantastic art of the magic island

1991 - 1992
Stay in India, where he becomes sadhu, shivaït monk. Wandering activity of monk-painter through north India. Creation of mythological wallpaintings in hindu temples. Translation and illustration of the
Ramayana, a hindu epic

Stay in Norway, where he starts again oil painting, sinked into oblivion since the fine arts school

First solo exhibition, in the International Center of Fantastic Art, Château de Gruyères, Switzerland

•Exhibition « Nave of the fools », Château de Gruyères, Switzerland
•Exhibition « Immagina », Reggio Emilia, Italy


Exhibition « Hundred metamorphosis of women », Château de Gruyères, Switzerland

•Exhibition « Immagina », Reggio Emilia, Italy
•Exhibition « Pain, source of creation », Swiss national exhibition 2002, Arteplage of Yverdon-les-Bains

Solo exhibition in the Castle of Boccard, Fribourg, Switzerland

•Exhibition in Agora Gallery, New York city, USA
•Exhibition in Omma Gallery, Santa Barbara, California, USA

•Exhibition « Regards fantastiques », Paris, France
•Solo exhibition in Plexus Art Gallery, Fribourg, Switzerland

•Become member of the
Libellule group. Libellule Art Limited is a group of 33 magic realism painters from 20 countries in 3 continents
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Zabu cultural center, Saint Germain des Angles, France
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Castle of Sedan, France
•Exhibition « Venus and the female intuition », Denmark (Castle of Saeby), The Netherlands (gallery The Gouden Phoenix), France (Nice, gallery Princesse de Kiev)
•Exhibition « Dreamscape II », Re-Art Gallery, Almere, The Netherlands

•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Rosny sur Seine, Hospice Saint Charles, France
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Chaumont, Jesuit chapel, France
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Viechtach, Germany
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Viroflay, « A l’Ecu de France » Gallery, France
•Exhibition «  Dreamscapes », Amsterdam, The Netherland

•Solo exhibition in Lagrouni Art Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
•Libellule exhibition «Angels », Renessans Gallery, Florence, Italy
•Libellule exhibition «Angels », galeria communale, Piombino, Italy
•Exhibition «Miniatures & small masterpieces », Fantasmus art, Saeby, Denmark
•Solo exhibition in Plexus Art Gallery, Fribourg, Switzerland
•Exhibition « Dante: The Divine Comedy » Fantasmus Art, Saeby, Denmark, Viechtach, Germany

•Exhibition « Light and shadow », Thermae of Mont-Dore, France
•Exhibition «  Dreamscapes », Cabbinnod, Amsterdam, The Netherland
•Exhibition « Quadrant Fantasy », Fantasmus gallery, Saeby, Denmark
•Exhibition in Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York, USA
•Libellule exhibition « Exclamations! », Jesuit’s chapel, Chaumont, France
•Libellule exhibition « Exclamations! », Alten Rathaus, Viechtach, Germany
•Libellule exhibition « One million dollars banknote », Grand Palais, Paris, France

•Exhibition «  A comme aquarelle », watercolor exhibition, Le Rural, Givisiez, Switzerland
•Exhibition « Ca déménage chez Plexus », Plexus Art Gallery,fribourg, Switzerland
•Libellule exhibition  « Angels », Riegesburg Castle, Austria
•Solo exhibition in Plexus Art Gallery, Marly, Switzerland
•Libellule exhibition « Angels », Nevers, France
•Libellule exhibition « Exclamations! », Fantastic Art Museum, Vienna, Austria

•Solo exhibition in Plexus Art Gallery, Clarens, Switzerland
•Libellule exhibition « Exclamations! », Orléans, France
•Libellule exhibition « One million dollars banknote », Chamalières, France
•Libellule exhibition « Exclamations! », Sedan, France

•Libellule exhibition « One million dollars banknote », Fantastic Art Museum, Vienna, Autria
Libellule exhibition « One million dollars bank note », Riegesburg Castle, Austria
« From Bourg to Burg », Spartanburg Art Museum, USA